1. Respect everyone, everyone’s opinion is valid (no matter how utterly retarded you think it is)
2. Censor yourself, you know what crosses the line, so don’t do it.
3. If you don’t think Matchbox 20 and Blink 182 are the two best bands on the planet, GO THE FUCK AWAY NOW (jk)
4. There’s no language filter, swear all you like.

A little about us…David and I have been friends for coming up on 9 years now, we met on a mets.com AIM chat room in August of 2005, IIRC, it was during the Mets/Braves series when Willie decided to use Takatsu to “bring the funk” in a bases loaded situation (that didn’t go so well, lol). Anyway, we kept talking, and found we had alot in common, at least baseball wise. We both held an appreciation for the minor leagues since that 2005 season, and after the regular season in 2006, we opened MetsProspectHub on Blogspot. Now, 3 1/2 years later, we move to our own domain.

The quality of this site has, unfortunately, gone south since the 2009 season. I’m trying to bring it back up to that level, but it’s difficult when the team is a black hole of suck.To combat this problem, in late 2013, we added two new writers to the site, Eddie and Andrea. They will be writing recaps and providing their own unique insights to the site throughout the 2014 season.

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