5/11 Links

OK, so today is a Wheeler night, and I’ve been going to bed between 930 and 1030pm the last 3 weeks. So here’s what’s going to happen tonight, I’ll put up the Minor League Report when the other 3 games end, and then live tweet Wheeler’s outing, and with my very good friend Joe D from MMO fixing the Twitter app thing on the site, you guys can follow along via that.

Also – Mejia starts for St. Lucie tonight.
Also #2 – I just moved the chatbox down lower on the page. Let me know if it’s way too annoying to scroll that far or whatever.

Las Vegas Boxscore @ 10pm
Binghamton Boxscore @ 1pm
St. Lucie Boxscore @ 630pm
Savannah Boxscore @ 6pm

Las Vegas Gameday
Binghamton Gameday
St. Lucie Gameday
Savannah Gameday


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