8/17 Links

So you guys met our first new writer last night/this morning, Tomatoez, our second should debut in the next week.
Edit @ 627pm: Our second of two new writers will be debuting tonight, Mets4life. Also fixed the St. Luice boxscore link.

Las Vegas Gameday @ 830pm
Binghamton Gameday
St. Lucie Gameday @ 530pm
Savannah Gameday Game 1 @ 530pm
Savannah Gameday Game 2
Brooklyn Gameday @ 6pm
Kingsport Gameday @ 6pm
Las Vegas Boxscore
Binghamton Boxscore
St. Lucie Boxscore
Savannah Boxscore 1
Savannah Boxscore 2
Brooklyn Boxscore
Kingsport Boxscore


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