8/6 Links

ICYMI: Thanks to “Marc” on the chatbox for bringing it to my attention, Brandon Nimmo on 8/4 did not go 0 for 5 with 4 Ks as I reported, and as the boxscore said, there was some… error, idek how. Nimmo went 1 for 3, 2 BBs, K.

His updated line right now is .261/.379/.356/.736.

NYFS Minor League Thread

**All Games @ 7pm unless noted**
Las Vegas Gameday @ 802pm
Binghamton Gameday Game 1@ 530pm
Binghamton Gameday Game 2
Savannah Gameday
Brooklyn Gameday
Kingsport Gameday
Las Vegas Boxscore
Binghamton Boxscore
Binghamton Boxscore
Savannah Boxscore
Brooklyn Boxscore
Kingsport Boxscore


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