9/9 Links

Sorry about missing the Vegas recap, something came up suddenly for me and I was unable to get a last minute request out to Andrew/Tomatoez, totally my fault. Anyway, it’s bittersweet time on MPH, as we’re shockingly down to one team after our 3 other teams suffered horribly painful/crushing first round exits. And so one team remains, potentially 3 games left in MPHs 7th season. It’s been a fun season for me, and us, as I think we’re headed back on the upswing with the addition of the aforementioned new duo of writers, combined with my own rekindling. But the season’s not over yet, lets go Gnats! Luis Cessa gets the ball in Game 1 of their Championship Series, the game starts at 7pm.

Savannah Gameday @ 7pm
Savannah Boxscore


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