All stats include the playoffs.

01. RHSP Noah Syndergaard (A+ St. Lucie): 3-3, 3.11 era, 2.43 FIP, 12 GS, 63.2 IP, 61 H, 25/22 R/ER, 3 HR, 16/64 BB/K; (AA Binghamton): 6-1, 3.15 era, 2.85 FIP, 12 GS, 60 IP, 53 H, 26/21 R/ER, 8 HR, 13/77 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats: 9-4, 3.13 era, 2.63 FIP, 24 GS, 123.2 IP, 114 H, 51/43 R/ER, 11 HR, 29/141 BB/K

Syndergaard is one of the highest upside pitchers in all of minor league baseball, featuring explosive stuff, and impressive command, he should feature prominently in the Mets 2014 season. Nicknamed “Thor” by my good friend @WexlerRules, Syndergaard features an explosive mid 90s fastball, good changeup, and good curveball. His overall numbers in 2013 are eyepoppingly amazing, even more so when you remove ONE start from his ledger, his final regular season outing in Binghamton (3 ip, 9 h, 11/9 r/er, 3 hr, 2/5 bb/k), his overall season totals look even better (120.2 ip, 40/34 r/er, 2.54 era, 2.33 FIP). Syndergaard will most definitely open 2014 in Vegas, and should be on the Wheeler schedule, meaning another episode of #SuperTwoWatch.

02. C Travis d’Arnaud (AAA Las Vegas): .304/.487/.554/1.041, 17 for 56, 19 runs, 8 2b, 2 HR, 12 RBI, 21/12 BB/K; (MLB New York): .202/.286/.263/.548, 20 for 99, 4 runs, 3 2b, HR, 5 RBI, 12/21 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats (AAA/MLB): .239/.368/.368/.736, 37 for 155, 23 runs, 11 2b, 3 HR, 17 RBI, 33/33 BB/K

The centerpiece of the trade which sent RA Dickey to Toronto, d’Arnaud suffered a freak injury in early April and missed basically 4 months because of it, severely crippling the amount of time he got in the majors (which would’ve been the day of/after Wheeler’s callup). Still, we saw him being patient at the plate, and with a good, solid throwing arm behind the dish. d’Arnaud goes into 2014 slated to be the everyday starting catcher, and should be a franchise mainstay for the next decade (or until the Wilpons decide to let him walk in FA).

03. OF Cesar Puello (AA Binghamton): .326/.403/.547/.950, 108 for 331, 63 runs, 21 2b, 3 3b, 16 HR, 73 RBI, 28/82 BB/K, 24/31 SBs.

Puello’s season will be “tainted” by the Biogenesis scandal, but, in my opinion, there’s no reason for it. He did whatever he did in 2012, and he was rather pedestrian in April of 2013, anyway. He didn’t take off until May, and with him most likely being under increased scrutiny all season, the odds of him still being on juice are slim (unless he’s a total moron, which is definitely possible). Anyway, Puello set career highs in average, OBP, SLG, OPS, HRs and RBI. Puello should also open in Vegas, and be one of the first in line for a callup in case of outfield need.

04. RHSP Rafael Montero (AA Binghamton): 7-3, 2.43 era, 1.71 FIP, 11 GS, 66.2 IP, 51 H, 21/18 R/ER, 2 HR, 10/72 BB/K; (AAA Las Vegas): 5-4, 3.19 era, 2.91 FIP, 17 GS, 93 IP, 90 H, 38/33 R/ER, 5 HR, 28/80 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats: 12-7, 2.87 era, 2.41 FIP, 28 GS, 159.2 IP, 141 H, 59/51 R/ER, 7 HR, 38/152 BB/K, 2.14 BB/9, 8.57 K/9, 1.12 WHIP

Montero followed up on a breakout 2011 with a stellar 2012, and an even more impressive 2013, splitting time between Binghamton and Las Vegas. After a period of adjustment to the more hitter friendly confines of the PCL, Montero once more began to dominate (last 10 starts in Vegas: 57.2 ip, 2.18 era, 2.49 FIP), as he’s done at every level in the minor leagues. Montero should open 2014 back in Vegas, and be among the first callups in case of emergency need. Unless, of course, he’s traded, which is what I think will happen, as part of a package to acquire the bat we so sorely need.

05. 3B/2B Wilmer Flores (AAA Las Vegas): .321/.357/.531/.887, 136 for 424, 69 runs, 36 2b, 4 3b, 15 HR, 86 RBI, 25/63 BB/K; (MLB New York): .211/.248/.295/.542, 20 for 95, 8 runs, 5 2b, HR, 13 RBI, 5/23 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats (AAA+MLB): .301/.337/.487/.824, 156 for 519, 77 runs, 41 2b, 4 3b, 16 HR, 99 RBI, 30/86 BB/K

Flores primarily manned second base this season in Las Vegas, but, with Daniel Murphy (in my opinion) firmly entrenched at that position in the majors, and obviously David Wright at third, Wilmer is a prime trade candidate, perhaps in the same package as Rafael Montero, and maybe Ike Davis, as well. I’d be exploring trade possibilities involving them, for sure. If not, Wilmer should open 2014 back in Vegas, since, unless Murphy is traded, he’ll have no set position. There also exists the possibility he COULD be on the bench as a right handed bat and backup at 1b, 2b and 3b.

06. LHSP Steven Matz (A Savannah): 7-6, 2.34 era, 2.28 FIP, 23 GS, 119 IP, 91 H, 36/31 R/ER, 4 HR, 40/138 BB/K, 1.10 WHIP, 3.03 BB/9, 10.44 K/9

Steven Matz, in his first extended action of his career, was nothing short of eyepopping. He made it to the end, and was getting stronger as he did, absolutely DOMINATING the playoffs (2 starts, 12.2 ip, 5 h, 0.00 era, 2/17 BB/K). Matz features a mid 90s fastball with both a curve and slider, though he’s featuring the slider more. He also throws a changeup, which is fringy at the moment. Matz is on the older side, he’ll be 23 for most of next season, but remember, he lost 3 years development time due to TJS and the atypically complicated recovery from the surgery. Still, there exists a very good possibility he’ll end 2014 in Binghamton.

07. 1B Dominic Smith (R GCL): .287/.384/.407/.791, 48 for 167, 32 runs, 9 2b, 3b, 3 HR, 22 RBI, 24/37 BB/K; (R Kingsport): .429/.500/.714/1.214, 6 for 14, 2 runs, 4 2b, 4 RBI, 2/1 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats: .298/.393/.431/.823, 54 for 181, 34 runs, 13 2b, 3b, 3 HR, 26 RBI, 26/38 BB/K, 12.32% BB, 18% K, .6842 BB/K ratio

Smith was the Mets first round pick in the 2013 draft, and his debut was a smashing success, showing off gap power which is advanced for his age. Many publications around baseball (BA, Keith Law, BP, etc…) have said Smith is/was one of the best pure prep bats in the class. There exists every possibility Smith opens the 2014 season in fullseason Savannah, which would be an extremely aggressive assignment for what has historically been a very conservative regime.

08. RHSP Michael Fulmer (A+ St. Lucie): 2-2, 3.44 era, 7 GS, 34 IP, 24 H, 13 ER, HR, 18/29 BB/K

2013 was a lost season for Fulmer, as a torn knee meniscus in spring training cost him the bulk of his season. When healthy and right, Fulmer has a low to mid 90s fastball, good curveball, and a decent changeup. While not having as much upside as a Syndergaard, or as much polish as a Montero, Fulmer is a very good prospect in his own right, and should spend a vast majority of his time in Binghamton in 2014.

09. RHSP Gabriel Ynoa (A Savannah): 17-4, 2.57 era, 2.66 FIP, 24 GS, 150.1 IP, 134 H, 47/43 R/ER, 9 HR, 18/115 BB/K, 1.01 WHIP, 1.08 BB/9, 6.88 K/9

Ynoa had a great fullseason debut, making it to the end like his fellow Savannah ace Steven Matz. He faltered a bit during his two playoff starts, but did nothing to take away from what was a rousing success of a season. He’ll open 2014 in St. Lucie, and like Matz and Fulmer before him, should, barring unforeseen circumstances, end in Binghamton. Ynoa features a low 90s fastball which should gain a few ticks as he continues to fill out his tall/lanky frame, and a very good changeup. Many have comped him to fellow prospect Rafael Montero, relying more on control than pure stuff to get by (not that his stuff is subpar).

10. C Kevin Plawecki (A Savannah): .314/.390/.494/.884, 77 for 245, 35 runs, 24 2b, 3b, 6 HR, 43 RBI, 23/32 BB/K; (A+ St. Lucie): .294/.391/.392/.783, 60 for 204, 25 runs, 14 2b, 2 HR, 37 RBI, 19/21 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats: .305/.390/.448/.838, 137 for 449, 60 runs, 38 2b, 3b, 8 HR, 80 RBI, 42/53 BB/K

We’re not even going to acknowledge that Plawecki, an advanced college player, even played in the Sally League. Having said that, he showed off a very good eye in St. Lucie, with a near 1:1 walk to strikeout ratio, and put up a very solid .783 OPS in the pitcher friendly environment, with decent gap power. Plawecki was paper-promoted to Binghamton for their playoff run, but didn’t see any action. He’ll open 2014 right there, and most likely spend a full season at that level, putting him on track for the majors sometime in late ’14 or ’15.

11. OF Brandon Nimmo (A Savannah): .272/.396/.359/.755, 113 for 415, 64 runs, 16 2b, 7 3b, 2 HR, 45 RBI, 10/17 SBs, 76/136 BB/K, 15.14% BB rate, 27.09% K rate, 0.5588 BB/K ratio

Nimmo had a meh season on the surface, but if you give him the benefit of the doubt and attribute his poor performances midseason to a wrist injury suffered in late April, his numbers look markedly better, though in a very small sample size (4/4-4/20+7/18-9/2): .347/.472/.454/.926, 75 for 216, 40 runs, 9 2b, 4 3b, 2 HR, 27 RBI, 7/10 SBs, 45/60 BB/K, but, BUT, this came with a BABIP of close to .500, so take it with a HUGE grain of salt. The BB/K is nice, but the K rate is 22.39%.

12. 2B Dilson Herrera (A West Virginia, Savannah): .260/.331/.403/.734, 120 for 462, 80 runs, 27 2b, 3 3b, 11 HR, 60 RBI, 14/20 SBs, 45/121 BB/K, 8.74% BB rate, 23.50% K rate, 0.3719 BB/K ratio

The Mets traded for Herrera in late August, and they got a potential five tool middle infield prospect, who is likely limited to 2b. Herrera will play all of 2014 at age 20, likely in the FSL, and he’s a high upside lottery ticket who could become a fixture at second base for years to come.

13. RHSP Jacob deGrom (A+ St. Lucie): 1-0, 3.00 era, 2 GS, 12 IP, 12 H, 4 ER, HR, 2/13 BB/K; (AA Binghamton): 2-5, 4.80 era, 10 GS, 60 IP, 69 H, 38/32 R/ER, 4 HR, 20/44 BB/K; (AAA Las Vegas): 4-2, 4.52 era, 14 GS, 75.2 IP, 87 H, 41/38 R/ER, 6 HR, 24/63 BB/K

Total 2013 Stats: 7-7, 4.51 era, 3.39 FIP, 26 GS, 147.2 IP, 168 H, 83/74 R/ER, 11 HR, 46/120 BB/K, 1.45 WHIP, 2.80 BB/9, 7.31 K/9

deGrom features one of the heaviest fastballs in the system, and was ridiculously promoted in 2013 due to injuries ahead of him, and performed admirably in the pitcher’s nightmare environment of the PCL, and should open 2014 right back there. Many people, myself included, feel deGrom’s ultimate home is in the bullpen, but for now, he remains a starter. deGrom throws a mid 90s fastball and backs it up with a solid slider.

14. SS Amed Rosario (R Kingsport): .230/.270/.342/.612, 51 for 222, 22 runs, 8 2b, 4 3b, 3 HR, 23 RBI, 2/8 SBs, 12/46 BB/K, 5.11% BB rate, 19.57% K rate, 0.2609 BB/K ratio

15. RHSP Cory Mazzoni (AA Binghamton): 5-3, 4.36 era, 13/12 G/GS, 66 IP, 70 H, 43/32 R/ER, 4 HR, 19/74 BB/K


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