Everyone put on your shades.

Hey, it’s me! Like… I’m not dead or anything, promise. So anyway, if you guys follow me on Twitter (@MetsProspectHub), you’ve seen that I am beyond exstatic about this Dickey trade. Sandy Alderson got absolute MAX value for RA, and while, yes, it hurts right in the feels to lose one of the best stories in baseball, one of the best pitchers in baseball, but more important than all that – one of the best PEOPLE in baseball, to get back the prospects he did… makes it an absolute no brainer to support. I’m not going to post up scouting reports and all that, you’ve seen them splattered all over every Mets site known to man, what I’m going to do instead, is point you to the minors, and… just… look at what we have down there now (imagine that in a William Shatner overtly dramatic I’M… CAPTAIN… KIRK voice).

In Las Vegas, there’s likely some combination of the following: Matt den Dekker (OF), Jordany Valdespin (2b, ss, of), Kirk Nieuwenhuis (of), Wilmer Flores (3b, 2b, 1b), Travis D’Arnaud (C), Jenrry Mejia (SP), Jeurys Familia (SP), Collin McHugh (SP), and Zack Wheeler (SP). Eat your heart out, Mike Harrington. Now, I said some combination of because some of those guys (Nieuwenhuis, Valdespin, Mejia) will likely be in the majors. Still – that’s a good crop of talent that’s tantalizingly close to seeing the empty seats at Citifield.

In Binghamton, you have more of the B/C prospects, the next big exciting wave is in St. Lucie, which we’ll get to in a moment or two. However, there are some very exciting prospects to keep your eye on here. Jefry Marte (3b), Alonzo Harris (OF; sleeper prospect IMO), Wilfredo Tovar (ss, extremely slick fielder), probably Cesar Puello (of, raw), Francisco Pena (c), but, as is true of the entire system, the strength here is the pitching, and lots of it. Erik Goeddel, Rafael Montero, Jacob DeGrom, Cory Mazzoni, Tyler Pill, Adam Kolarek (rp), Jack Leathersich (rp), Ryan Fraser (rp), Adrian Rosario (rp). So yes, while the names aren’t marquee, or sexy, there’s a good group of solid C prospects here, probably all of whom are destined to be backups or relievers – which isn’t a bad thing, especially the reliever thing. Of this group, I have high hopes for Montero, DeGrom and Pill to be starters.

St. Lucie – annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here’s where the fun begins 😀
Noah Syndergaard, Michael Fulmer, Domingo Tapia will combine to form one of the sickest top 3s in all the minors next year (unless one of the latter is the prospect going back to Toronto, which I doubt). Young, filthy, flamethrowers, all 3 of them. Syndergaard is the second prospect obtained in the Dickey deal, and I’ve seen all sorts of comps raining down on him, from Carpenter, to Halladay, to Wheeler, to Clemens, you name it… he’s that good. Fulmer I’ve always been very very high on, the last HS pitcher I was this excited about was Jon Niese. And Tapia is a flamethrower who’s more of a lotto ticket, but if his secondaries develop… watch out. Rounding out the rotation in St. Lucie will be some comination of Luis Mateo, Logan Verrett, Rainy Lara, Hansel Robles and Gabriel Ynoa. Lara (22), Robles (22 1/2), and Ynoa (almost 20) pitched exceedingly well in the NYPL (as did Mateo) and, if I had to guess, I’d say Ynoa will be in Savannah (only due to age). There will be, without question, a salivation worthy amount of pitching here, if you remember some of the nights we had last year, where each level had a pitcher to watch going… those nights are going to be ALL the more frequent in 2013.

I didn’t even cover the offensive side in St. Lucie, where names like Aderlin Rodriguez (3b/1b), Travis Taijeron (of), Camden Maron (c), TJ Rivera (ss/2b), Gilbert Gomez (of; sleeper prospect IMO) and (as much as I dislike him) Kevin Plawecki (c) will be. There’s a very exciting 3/4 power potential there from Aderlin and Taijeron.

Savannah’s going to have alot of raw talent. Brandon Nimmo (of), Phillip Evans (ss), Gavin Cecchini (ss), Steven Matz (lhsp), the aforementioned Gabriel Ynoa (sp), Miller Diaz (sp), Akeel Morris (p) should all be there, and all be younger than 21. I would LOVE LOVE to see Tomas Nido (8th round catcher 2012) there as well, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Some surprise inclusions could include: Chris Flexen, Robert Gsellman, Corey Oswalt, Matt Budgell.

So… 2013’s going to be, in all likelihood, a pretty horrid season on the big league level, but… there is SO much to enjoy on the minor league side… I’m pretty stoked. And all of you should be, too. The future is bright.

*Note: All this assumes we survive the end of the world in 4 days.


3 thoughts on “The future is exceedingly BRIGHT

  1. Marc
    December 18, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Yeah, pretty stoked about the influx of talent. 2 questions:
    1) No love for Cory Vaughn?
    2) Why the dislike for Plawecki? Guy doesn’t strike out, plays good defensively, smart kid, and actually started to show a little pop last year.

    This year, it will be absolutely vital for one of the OF prospects: (Duda, Kirk, DD, JV, Puello, Vaughn) to do SOMETHING to prove they belong in the majors. This is the only glaring hole left on the team and in the system, and unfortunately, power hitting OFers are at a premium league-wide right now.

  2. LTHFanClubPrez
    December 19, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Also, where is the love for Lutz and Lagares? Also, I think Havens puts it together this year.

  3. Tejesh
    December 19, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Vaughn was an oversight. Lagares is so meh it’s like the word was invented for him. Lutz is ALWAYS hurt.